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Canal Boat Holidays
Saddington or Welford & Return.

Start From Union Wharf Marina

From Union Wharf Marina
Cruising days : 4/5
Cruising hours : 27
Locks : 46

This delightful short cruise includes the famous Foxton locks, a flight of 10 locks in a staircase, and two tunnels and is very rural, passing through just small villages as it passes through the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

This cruise can be shortened to 3 nights if you turn around just before the Saddington Tunnel,

Total Distance:  28 miles
Total Locks:  22 (inc Foxton locks 2 x10)
Cruising Hours:  17 hours


Saddington or Welford and return canal boat holidays cruising route

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Foxton Locks

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Wicksteed Park is situated in 147 acres of landscaped English countryside and offers the elements of a country and theme park in one

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