Cruising Route


Canal Boat Holidays
The River Weaver Via Anderton Boat Lift.

Start From Anderton Marina

From Anderton Marina
Cruising days : 1
Cruising hours : 6
Locks : 4

With the re-opening of the Anderton boat lift in Spring 2002, a whole new navigation is open for exploration from the Anderton base. A stunning feat of 19th Century engineering, the lift carries two boats at a time hydraulically, one up and one down.

Centre of the Cheshire salt-making region, the River Weaver has a wealth of history, including the Salt Museum at Northwich

Head south to the head of the navigation and the Winsford Flash lakes, one of the many wildlife havens on the river.



The River Weaver Via Anderton Boat Lift Canal Boat Holidays Route

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