Cruising Route


Canal Boat Holidays
Lymm & Return.

Start From Anderton Marina

From Anderton Marina
Cruising days : 3
Cruising hours : 20 hours
Locks : 2

Cruise above the picturesque River Weaver and its valley, where the only lock has a drop of just six inches!

Preston Brook has a tunnel of nearly a mile and there are also two shorter ones on this route.

There are fine views of the distant Pennines to the north before the canal makes a very pleasing passage through the heart of Lymm, where the streets come right down to the waters edge.

Useful Information

Anderton Boat lift- An amazing & enormous piece of machinery to lift canal boats from the River Weaver 50 feet to the Trent & Mersey canal above. Website Tel. 01606 7867

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