Cruising Route


Canal Boat Holidays
Coventry & Return.

Start From Gayton Marina

From Gayton Marina
Cruising days : 7
Cruising hours : 38 hours
Locks : 34

Start From Union Wharf Marina

From Union Wharf Marina
Cruising days : 7/10
Cruising hours : 55 hours
Locks : 54


Cruise to the city of Coventry. The old Coventry Cathedral was destroyed during World War 2, but the new cathedral was completed in 1962, and is worth a visit.

The Museum of British Transport is south of the canal basin, and claims to be the largest collection of British made transport in the world, with over 200 cars, 90 motorbikes, and 230 cycles, also period street scenes, royal vehicles and the awesome Thrust SSC -the world land-speed record holder.


The Coventry & Return Canal Boat Holidays Route

Useful Information

Coventry Toy Museum Tel. 02476 231331

Herbert Art gallery & museum Website Tel. 02476 832386

Museum of British Road Transport- the largest display in the world. Free admission , open daily. Website Tel. 02476 234270

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