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Start From Hilperton Marina

From Hilperton Marina
Cruising days : 3/4
Cruising hours : 12 hours
Locks : 14

Bath has been designated a 'World Heritage City' with a history stretching back to the Roman Baths after which it is named and that can still be visited today. Moorings are available very close to the city centre and Bath is, without doubt, worthy of at least a couple of days of exploration.

The medieval town of Bradford on Avon, just an hour from Hilperton, offers a very pleasant stopping point. Weavers' cottages cling to the side of the Avon valley, looking down across the old mills to the 'Broad Ford' on the river that gave the town its name.

The splendid Dundas and Avoncliff Aqueducts both take the canal over the River Avon as it follows the river alley between Bradford and Bath.

Claverton's pumping station and American Museum may be incongruent with each other but certainly offer to satisfy differing interests!

Bath City and the spectacular Pulteney Weir and Bridge.


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Claverton's Pumping Station

Bath's American Museum Website Tel. 01225 460503

Roman BathsWebsite Tel. 01225 477867


Jane Austen centre

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

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