Cruising Route


Canal Boat Holidays
Aylesbury & Return.

Start From Gayton Marina

From Gayton Marina
Cruising days : 7
Cruising hours : 44 hours
Locks : 82

Cruise down the Grand Union canal through lovely canal villages, long tunnels, visit the Snow Zone in Milton Keynes or try your hand in the body flying tunnel, to the Aylesbury Canal Arm and the large market town of Aylesbury

Start From Union Wharf Marina

From Union Wharf Marina
Cruising days : 14
Cruising hours : 86 hours
Locks : 130

A route encompassing both the rural countryside and towns like Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and Aylesbury.

Cruise through the staircase locks at Foxton & Watford through lovely Leicestershire & Northamptonshire countryside.


The Aylesbury & Return Canal Boat Holidays Route

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